Teen wolf 101!

soooo... is jackson coming back to teen wolf?
He moved away from all the drama after turning into a werewolf but for series 6B will he come back? Scotts pack is big but it could be bigger.For the seasons Jackson was in, he was mean to scott but being in the pack would be good for both of them. It would be good for scott because it would make him more powerful plus his pack would be bigger. It would be good for Jackson because he would not be a Omega anymore. Derek once said the person you are reflects in what for you would take after the bite so Jackson turned into a kimera but now he is a werewolf wich means he has changed for the better. I think the pack would be better with Jackson,

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Scotts pack:

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1)What year did the first episode of teen wolf come out?
2)What was Alisons fav weapon?
3)What creature is lydia?
4)What creature is stiles?
5)Who was scotts girlfriend in season 4?
6)Who was in the woods with scott the night he was bitten?
7)What is Argent in french?
8)Who started the hale fire?
9)What job does scotts mum have?
10) What are the three different types of werewolf are there?

8)Kate Argent